Not enought time to work at your business ?
No idea how to use Marketing & Technology possibilities today ?
Would you like to get assistance or advice ?

SolmarTec is a Consulting Company for  small & medium sized companies.

SolMarTec specialisis in business, commercial or GIS analysis and solutions in marketing & technology. computer, application & tailored training. 

These solutions offer significant return on investment which comes from increased revenue, reduced costs, improved productivity and service levels.

SolMarTec - Your one stop solution 
improving your business !

Our work Specialties are:
  • Strategic Management Consulting, including business analysis & sales strategy development
  • Instruction on customer relation management, Address Management & Geocoding 
  • IT & Telecommunication workstation development, implementation & setup
  • Brand & Marketing development, email, website, database inc.GIS Analysis
  • E-Commerce, newsletter, business & TRaffic Growth
  • Social Marketing, Business networking & Cloud computing

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization
  • Computer, application & tailored training

You are in control &
 can set the level of our involvement in different steps - after each of those stages you decide to go further or not!

  • Analyse & discuss your Business, existing Marketing, hard & software & Client records & database
  • Provide cost effective tailored solutions outside the square that will improve your bottom line
  • Organize & setup those solutions tailored to your individual business so that you can work in your Business 
  • Training on the Job and ongoing support so that you really know how to use your newly gained advantages